Gamercize: Number one for choice and enjoyment

As a collective group, I’d say it’s pretty hard for gamers to get motivated into exercising. Be it running, or picking heavy things up and putting them back down, the mere thought of moving is often enough to put us into comas. But what if the amount of time we could game was dictated by how much we were exercising?

That’s the idea behind Gamercize, the “number one for choice and enjoyment.” The Gamercize products attempt to “take the effort out of exercise and replace it with enjoyment,” by connecting to your console’s controller. Available in both bicycle and stepper flavors, this contraption will cause your controller to stop working when you’re not active. The result? Enjoyment, obviously. Oh, and improved fitness, but that’s not important.

Gamercize works with the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, so getting those buns of steel has never been easier. Their official Web site even has a handy “review” chart of games that can be used with Gamercize, rating their difficulty level. For example, Gran Turismo 4: “This is for the people who want a challenge, don’t stop exercising or you’ll go straight into a wall.” Well that sounds like fun.

Gamers who have moved onto the next-gen, don’t worry about your beach body — PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Gamercize are in the works, as well.

[Thanks, Mabec!]

Nick Chester