Gamerah went through with it: Crap-o-Grams shipped!!!

I know you have to remember this gem from back in November 2006, because it was one of the funniest items to  hit the news. In case you don’t, here’s the brief recap: Spanish gaming website Gamerah started a campaign called “Sponsor a Poo” in which disgruntled Sony users could express their dissatisfaction by donating a few euros and shipping off their own personal plastic crap representation with a little love note attached. Here’s part of Gamerah’s original manifesto:

 Delays, higher prices, sloppy translations, harassment of import stores, and, even worse, cheekiness. What does Gamerah say to all this? Gamerah says: NO! And the way we propose to let the evildoers at Sony know is very simple: by sponsoring plastic poos which we will send to Sony’s higher echelons in Spain in one or many boxes.

It’s just great no matter how you look at it. Even greater is that they went through with it. 45 plastic turds made it out there with a letter, which there is an excerpt from below:

“We hope you do not take this wrong. Having unhappy customers is still much better than having no customers at all. We just feel like broken-hearted, resentful lovers. Most of us have purchased all your consoles and we felt rather let down when the PS3 was finally launched in Europe.”

I love that first line. How could anyone take a box of sh*t wrong? It kind of makes one statement and one statement only, if you know what I mean. Regardless, I love their style. If you want to see video of the box preparation, it is in fact avaliable for your viewing pleasure at Gamerah as we speak. Who says men don’t know how to communicate?

[Via Kotaku

Colette Bennett