Gamer, the movie, shows us the future of MMOs

Yes, Hollywood is making another videogame movie and this one actually looks pretty awesome! The movie is called Gamer and shows us what the future of MMO gaming.

Mind-control technology is the hotness in the future and humans use other humans to play out massive multiplayer online games. Michael C. Hall (who plays Dexter in the amazing show, Dexter) is Ken Castle in the movie and he has created the game called “Slayers” in which gamers use death row inmates as their avatars. If their “avatar” survives more than 30 matches, they’re set free. 

The movie also stars Gerard Butler (King Leonidas from 300) and he’s just three games shy of being set free. He was taken from his family, wrongly imprisoned and is forced to fight to get back to the people he loves. 

So it’s basically Huxley meets Death Race. Typically, movies about videogame franchises suck. But when the movie is about videogames in general (Press Start and Grandma’s Boy), they’re usually pretty good. I’m actually looking forward to Gamer when it hits theaters on September 4. 

Check out the trailer for yourself after the break and let us know what you think of it.  

Hamza Aziz