Gamer Revolution Documentary rocks CBC

In Canada, we have what was once a boring, government-funded channel called the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), but in the last year, I’ve seen this channel completely rethink its programming and now it holds some of my favorite programs like The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, a great news show that is funny and informative; and Underdogs, a show that helps the little guy get justice from the big companies that screw them over.

Further proving to me that this channel has chosen the path of coolness, last night I found a documentary about video games that rather impressed me. Recently shot within the last year, the documentary covers how video game are becoming a type of media that is finding its way into our day to day lives and is affecting everything from sports to social issues to military combat.

Part one ran last night on CBC at 8pm EST. The show covered video games as a huge spectator sport in Korean, video games in the military, video games and their affect on young Arabs, and the affect of violent video games on young minds. The show also featured an interview with Will Wright. In one shot, you can see Will at E3 talking to Kevin Pereira during a G4TV interview.

Part two which will run next Thursday at 8pm EST, will look at Second Life and how people are becoming virtual millionaires and it will also look at sex and relationships in video games.

Anyone in Canada and anyone lucky to pick up CBC in the upper United States, I highly suggest you take the time to watch the second part of this documentary.

For a taste of what the documentary has to offer check out the show summary on, read the show’s fact sheet and watch a promotional clip.

Sorry I couldn’t get this out sooner for all of you to watch part one, but hit the jump for another great documentary on gaming.

The Video Game Revolution – Created by gamers in 2004 for PBS.