Gamer accuses US Airways of Xbox 360 theft, sues for $1 million

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What’s an Xbox 360 worth to you? Mine isn’t worth sh*t. I think it’s going to blow up soon, actually. But one Yale University student’s Xbox 360 is worth so much more to him than the $300-$400 asking price. Try $1 million.

Jesse Maiman, 21, claims that US Airways stole a video game console from his luggage. He filed a suit Monday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, saying that he wants a million bucks in compensation. 

I think he’s full of it: he says that on a December 2008 flight to Cincinnati International Airport that he packed his Xbox 360, and that with hard drive and components the bundle was worth over $1,000. He says that after landing, he picked up his luggage and noticed that the console was missing. He also said that the airline game him the run-arround. 

That thing was my DVD player,” he said.

The suit seeks $1,700 for the console loss, and up to a million for distress. What a dick.



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