Gameloft blows the lid off N.O.V.A 2

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Gameloft has today revealed a batch of art and details for upcoming handheld shooter sequel N.O.V.A 2. The game revolves around a civil war between the Terran Orbitals and the Human-Alien Alliance. Protagonist Kal Wardin has moved to the dustry planet of Scorpius to retire, but he soon finds himself dragged back into the battle. 

There are four groups that will be central to the plot, and Gameloft dropped details on them so everybody knows who everybody is:

The Terran Orbitals are the central governing power. They administer over the Colonies from the enormous satellites orbiting the now uninhabitable Earth. 

The Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) is the military arm of the Terran Orbitals.

The Human-Alien Alliance is an alliance between a newfound race of aliens and politicians from the Colonies. They promise an ideal future where alien technology will put an end to all of humanity’s problems.

Volterites are the newfound alien race possessing mind control and telekinetic abilities. They seem a bit too well adapted for war to be the peaceful alien friends the Alliance are portraying them to be.

I’m quite looking forward to this one. Anybody else?

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