GameFly will be the next to fail at Netflix-style game streaming

Give it 10 years

Anyone playing games on PlayStation Now? Anyone still have an OnLive controller? The controllers were pretty good, actually. We accidentally threw a few out a couple years back while cleaning out the Destructoid Show set, thinking the OnLive boxes were useless and not filled with a controller each.

Anyways! Video game rental site GameFly just bought Playcast and will attempt to offer, “the world’s premier multi-platform, console-quality streaming video game service,” haha.

You can sign up to be alerted here when it actually exists.

According to The Verge, GameFly Streaming only launches with 40 titles and will only work with Amazon Fire TV. Rather than freely renting individual games, you rent to $7 packs of games for the month. The service launches with six packs, each containing seven playable games. There will also be a “gamer pack” that nets you access to 16 games for $10 per month. Hah.

GameFly’s new streaming service wants to be Netflix for games [The Verge]

Steven Hansen