Gamefly bumps up subscription prices … no more Faberge eggs for you!

With the rising prices on video games and the sheer volume of worthwhile titles to play, online rental service Gamefly is a god-send, the likes of which have not been seen since Adriana Lima’s emergency escape pod crash-landed on this planet. Unfortunately, when not helping rescue burning orphans and making cookies for old people, Gamefly also runs a business. That business has expenses. Thanks to the recent postage hike, those expenses have now become your expenses.

As of June 18th, all Gamefly subscription rates will be increased by an unbelievably astoundingly ridiculously whopping $1. While one dollar now may not seem so bad, think back to what you thought the first time gas was making it’s way past the $2 per gallon mark. I say we rise up against the tyranny that lives in the hearts of men now before our faces are **** by throbbing purple— you know what, on second thought just pay the extra dollar. Jesus would.

[Via Gamespot]