GameCrazy gives Stay Puft with your Ghostbusters preorder!

If you’re toy-nerdy and really into Ghostbusters like I am, you may remember that Mattel made a Stay-Puft marshmellow man collectible way back in 1986. I always really regretted not buying it (or begging my parents for it, considering I was nine years old the year it was released), but thanks to the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game and the folks over at GameCrazy, it looks like I may have a second chance to own my own Stay-Puft!

You can see the figure on the GameCrazy product page, but it doesn’t specify whether it is PVC or that squishy stuff that stress balls are made out of. I think Stay-Puft would make a perfect stress toy for my desk, but I’ll happily take either. Ghostbusters: The Video Game finally come sout next month on June 16th — did you preorder it already?

Colette Bennett