Game & Watch coming to DSiWare … haha … hahaha

Brilliant. Absolutely bloody brilliant. As if the Nintendo DSi needed yet another downloadable clock, it’s been made apparent that the Game & Watch series is here to save the day! Only confirmed for Japan at this point, nine of the ancient Gunpei Yokoi-created minigames are scheduled to launch.

The titles include the very first G&W game, Ball, as well as other LCD-based delights like Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario’s Cement Factory. Let me just reiterate that these games also double as clocks, meaning that it’ll be the fifth time-telling tool to be announced for the system. 

We’ve had the official DSiWare Clock, an Animal Crossing clock, a Mario clock and a clock included as part of an upcoming Tingle download pack. Bear in mind that the DSi already has an internal clock as well. At the very least, Game & Watch means we’ll be getting something a little more interactive, but God damn.

This is hilarious. The fact that possibly the most interesting thing to come out of DSiWare is a handful of LCD games from the 1980’s is absolutely fantastic. Comedy, thy name is DSiWare.

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