Game-streaming Gaikai service enters open beta

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This past Sunday, game-streaming service Gaikai discreetly launched into an open beta. The service has sent out 1,000 invites, and more will be issued in waves of 10,000 going forward. Mass Effect 2 is currently the only game playable in the beta.

I tried to sign up for the beta myself and received an error after the service tested my system; it told me my connection was too slow or that I was too far from a Gaikai server. But there’s still hope for me.

“If you are too far from our servers, don’t worry, you’ve actually helped as you’ve shown us where we need to install more data centers,” Gaikai’s Dave Perry says.

Game-streaming services like Gaikai have had my attention for years, so I’m looking forward to see how this pans out. Are any readers in the service? If you’re not bound by a non-disclosure agreement, let us know about your experience so far.

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