Game store burglars ask cops for a ride home

In Chicago, five teens were arrested for breaking into a video game store. Two of the five might have escaped successfully if they were smart enough to avoid the cops, but instead they asked the officers for a ride home.

A local resident heard glass breaking at a local videogame store and phoned the Chicago police, who responded and managed to find a shattered glass window and three burglars. The three ran; police managed to capture one, but the other two escaped. Two more “lookout” men were also arrested, reports CBS2Chicago.

The two that fled the scene flagged down a police car and asked for a ride home. At first, the officer explained to them that their department did not offer rides, but then quickly noticed that the two men matched the descriptions of the fled burglars. 

Obviously these idiots are not gamers. First off, basic gaming instinct would tell you to lay low. On top of that, you never ask for a ride; you’re supposed to yank the officer out of the car and steal it.


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