Game Republic reveals surprise PSN title, Dark Mist

Isn’t it great when a game is revealed and then it’s released a few days later? I wouldn’t know, but ask the Japanese. They’ll be getting the recently unveiled PlayStation Network title, Dark Mist, on Thursday, November 8. 

The Game Republic developed title is dual-stick top-down action shooter that will make use of the Sixaxis controller by allowing you to shake it to clear enemies from the screen. Bombs and special attacks like Meteor Flare and Split Star are also available, assuring that no one will call this game Geoanime Wars.

The game will cost 800 yen ($6.989647 U.S.), and there’s currently no word on a release outside of Japan. Check out to the official Dark Mist Web site for screens, and see what you’ll be missing.

[Via Eurogamer]

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