GAME: Pre-owned market is good for games industry

UK retailer GAME has defended its practice of selling used games, declaring the pre-owned market to be a positive, healthy part of the industry. 

“I think, through conversations with developers and platform owners, that there is a growing realisation that a healthy pre-owned marketplace is good for the whole industry,” said CEO Ian Shepherd. “It has made the mint marketplace more affordable and has kept people in that marketplace. 

“There has been endless debate over pre-owned versus mint, but my view is that a healthy pre-owned and trade-in marketplace — which we are largely the people who are involved in driving — is good for the whole industry.”

While developers still want to make overwrought criticisms of the practice, I totally agree with Shepherd here. I’ve been saying for years that pre-owned games are healthy for the industry, and while GAME is obviously looking out for its own interests, the usefulness of trade-in credit to keep new games affordable can’t be denied.

It’s a shame that some people are so short-sighted that they can’t think of that benefit. 

GAME: Pre-owned attitudes are changing [MCV]

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