Game peripherals everywhere: 30% more than last year

It used to be easy to hide the evidence that you are a gamer. You could just stash the controllers and throw your PS2 into the bedroom. That’s not the case anymore.

Gaming peripherals have now invaded our living rooms and bedrooms. Space-hogging drum controllers, guitars, Wii Remotes, dance pads, chargers, and other controllers are all the rage these days, and the most recent NPD data says that 2008 is on track to set a new record.

Sales of games that include big hunks of plastic devices is up 30 percent. You can blame most of the loss of your personal space to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. With sequels for both of these titles coming up, along with Rock Revolution or whatever other silly new music game you pick up, you might have to start parking in the street, using your garage to hold your gaming gear.  Add this to whatever other crazy devices Nintendo wants you to attach to your Wii, and you might start to worry about where you’re going to sleep.

In my own home, I have a big basket in my living room where I can throw all of my gaming crap into. It looks atrocious. What do you do to manage your gaming peripherals? Are you one of those that leaves your Rock Band drums set up at all times?

[Via GamePro]

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