Game Pazzo sounds like an arcade for console players

A new videogame retailer is opening up in the greater Chicago area that’s making some ambitious moves. Game Pazzo will be a 13,000 square foot gaming shop. To put that in perspective, that’s the size of something like a Walgreens. That’s a lot of space for a new and used game store.

The shop will also have over thirty gaming stations filling much of that space, armed with HD televisions, seating, high-end headsets and more — all accessories which can later be sold to customers as used product. Plans also include creating leagues for adults as well as kids which, done right, could be a great idea.

Game Pazzo is supposed to be opening soon in Downers Grove, which sounds like it should be a place where quaaludes grow in the wild. A quick look around their website doesn’t reveal a whole lot other than that they expected to have already been in operation back on the first of May [link NSFW]. 

I’m all about ideas like this and really hope they can be successful. For me, social interaction is a huge part of the gaming experience and having a physical environment to do that in is vastly different than communicating online. Any Chicago-based Dtoiders interested in checking this out when it opens?

Game Pazzo to offer new concept in video game retail [Naperville Sun]

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