Game (not) over, Yeah! New Sega Rally video and screens

It seems like news of the newest version of SEGA’s off-road racer, SEGA Rally, has been almost completely missing our radar. We’re not sure if it’s because there’s not much news to report, or that SEGA is keeping the goodies under their hat, but we were glad to see this new content today.

GameTrailers has posted a new guided technicial demonstration of some of the enviroments in SEGA Rally. SEGA’s Guy Wilday, Director of SEGA’s Racing Studio, shows off how the different track and weather enviroments affect gameplay. He takes cars over snow, slush, asphalt, dirt, and more to show the effect on the driver, while at the same time also displaying how the car affects the enviroment. He even breaks things down to moving wireframes to demonstrate what’s going on behind the scenes. 

The official Web page for SEGA Rally has some relatively new screenshots of the next-gen version of the game. One of the screens shows some serious mud buildup (much more dirt caking than MotorStorm) on a bumper, and another shows a similar buildup of snow. SEGA explains that the driver can drive through water to clean the cars off, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this works.

SEGA Rally (they seem to have dropped the ‘Revo’ from the title) is the third game in the racing series, and it is coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and PSP this Fall. SEGA seems to be taking their time, and hopefully that time is being spent to making SEGA Rally stand out from other currently available off-road racers like DiRT and MotorStorm. Let’s just hope they don’t mess with the ‘Game Over’ song – that was perfect already.

[Via GameTrailers

Dale North