Game music and rap mash-up Vinyl Fantasy 7 shut down

Just as quick as game music and rap mash-up collection Vinyl Fantasy 7 came, it went. It was beat down by the man. Team Teamwork followed up their last, Ocarina of Rhyme, with this new Final Fantasy-themed project.

Early this month, their official website went down. They were hit with a cease and desist. That was fine, as the band had a Bandcamp account. But that didn’t last long either, as Bandcamp hit them with the cease-and-desist thing. Tim Jacques, the brain behind Team Teamwork, had to pull it all down to save ass.

No worries, though. This is the internet. Nothing dies on the internet. I can still pull down the Fensler Films when I feel the need. You can find this too. I looked. It’s there. It’s worth the download.

Vinyl Fantasy 7 Released, Cease-and-Desisted, But Still Floating Around [OSV]

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