Game/movie rental service redbox partners with foursquare

Today, kiosk-based game and movie rental service redbox has announced integration with social media location-tracker, foursquare.

What this means is that the 10 million or so registered foursquare users can let the world know they’re renting games at one of the 27,800 redbox locations. So they can be like “Hey, I just checked in at the redbox at my local supermarket and I rented The Smurfs: Dance Party for Wii!” or whatever. Actually, you might want to keep that to yourself.

To kick off the partnership, redbox is launching a “Redbox 10 Days of Deals” campaign that runs through August 15 and August 24. Whenever you check in at a redbox location, you’ll get a unique code that can save you up to a dollar.

Personally, I haven’t had a chance to rent any games from a redbox. Have you? How was the experience? Did you rent The Smurfs: Dance Party? Wait… don’t tell me. It’s better that way.

Nick Chester