Game Informer gets their GTA IV exclusive on in upcoming May issue

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Do your loins burn in anticipation? Perhaps you’ve got the IV!

After bringing the Internet to its knees with the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has decided to once again give Game Informer the first exclusive look at their upcoming sure thing. Previously, Game Informer snagged exclusives for other games in the series, including Vice City and San Andreas.

Perhaps mail carriers nationwide will be trampled upon delivery and EB Games/GameStop stores (whose employees mercilessly pimp the magazine at every given opportunity) will be mobbed when the word of the magazines arrival gets out.

More likely, someone will scan the article and post it on our forums. Not that we’d encourage that or anything, because we don’t and that would be wrong; the guys at Game Informer work very hard to put together a quality magazine, month after month.

But you know, if you must, make sure they’re high resolution.

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