Game Freak lets us get to know all three Pokemon Sword & Shield starters

Like you really needed to be convinced to pick Sobble

Game Freak is ready to dump just about all of the remaining Pokemon Sword & Shield info on us before the mid-November launch, and now we have three quick video clips on all three starters.

Speaking to Game Informer, the game’s director, art director and producer all dish on what makes each starter special, including the “energetic” fire-based Scorbunny (he has patches on his feet!), the gross plant monkey Grookey and the best of the bunch, the water-based lizard Sobble. To quote Game Freak, “I think the people that would choose Sobble are very kind and caring. They’re good people.” Enough said.

Back in February when the game was fully unveiled, our own reader poll was fairly close (well, between two starters at least)! As expected Grookey was completely crushed in last place with 25% of the vote, with Scorbunny leading the pack with 39% and Sobble coming in second with 35%.

We all know Sobble’s the clear-cut best pick and a lot of those bunny votes were out of pity, but we’ll let it slide.

Chris Carter
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