Game Freak is holding a contest to allow someone to name a move in Pokemon Sword & Shield

A steel type

Pokémon is a series that asks you to be the very best at all times, but for this generation, you can be the best nomenclature master.

According to Serebii, CoroCoro Magazine (which frequently hosts all sorts of Pokémon related festivities and exclusives) is hosting a contest for Game Freak that allows fans to name a new move in Pokémon Sword & Shield. There’s just one thing: it’s a steel-based special move that does 140 damage, but reduces your hit points by 50%.

The contest is open through May 10 of this year and the move has to be under eight characters. My first thought was “Blowback,” but that was taken by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series! So for now I’ll go with “Wild Ride.” You can probably do better: I have faith in you!

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