Game Dev Story followed by Hot Springs Story in the US

So, remember that sequel to Game Dev Story in which you run a videogame store? It would appear that Kairosoft doesn’t think we Western folk would find that a suitable follow-up. Instead, it was made the strange decision to put Hot Springs Story on the US App Store instead. 

Hot Springs Story (iOS) takes us away from the game industry entirely, as players are set to the task of running a Japanese hot springs inn. You get to build your own inn and then attempt to attract customers. Profit ensues!

Despite the less culturally relevant setting, I’m sure Hot Springs Story is more than capable of consuming your day once again, so you might want to check it out. It features old men in their underpants, so that’s gotta be worth something!

Kairosoft Launches ‘Hot Springs Story’, U.S. Follow-Up to ‘Game Dev Story’ [Touch Arcade]

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