Game Debate to the Death!
What debates do you want to see?

Last week I ended off the year by asking everyone what their favorite game EVAR! was. The results were as lengthy as they were awesome, and I have to say — I was impressed with how diverse the response was. Not only did I see some ancient game debate contenders resurface, but plenty of obscure and deserving forgotten games of the past were also mentioned. So what did people pick as their favorite the most?

Cue the cliche — with an overwhelming 10% of the votes, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time crushed the competition, but plenty of others were right behind it fighting for the honor of 2006’s Best Game EVAR! Chrono Trigger came in second with Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past right behind it. Then there was Xenogears, Earthbound, and Final Fantasy: Tactics. Honorable mentions go out to TIE Fighter, Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Twilight Princess, and Super Smash Bros.

Not happy with the results? Then you should get your friends to vote too! The comments were all cordial though, you Dtoiders always do a good job at debating with support and respect instead of breaking out into screaming opinions. And with that amount of decency, I’m asking all of you Dtoid Debaters out there to suggest some Game Debate to the Death! competitions you’d like to see sometime soon in the new year. As the months pass I’ll eventually bring back the Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy free for alls, but let’s make 2007 a year to remember.

Also — don’t forget that comparing two completely different games can be a lot of fun. Way back in the day I asked people to debate over Katamari Damacy and  Metal Gear Solid 2. Recently we also had a lot of fun with Gears of War versus Guitar Hero II. So put your creative minds to work and think up some debates you’d never see any where else on the Web that are worth weighing pros and cons over. 

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