Game Debate to the Death!
Pyramid Head VS Big Daddy

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Last week‘s developer debate was one of the largest discussions we’ve ever had. The pros and cons of Valve versus id Software were bounced back and forth for a full week and both sides received large amounts of support. It was a blast reading everyone’s opinions, but unfortunately only one side can win each week. Here are the results:

  • id: 43 votes
  • Valve: 87 votes — winner! 

This week I want to take a break from the game developer debates that require lots of logic and thought, and instead keep it simple. When I went to pop in BioShock earlier this week, I turned on the television to see that the Silent Hill movie was on, and it just happened to be at the part where the church steps got covered in a coat of skin and blood. With the BioShock game case in my right hand, I held it up to the TV screen on my left, and it looked similar to the image you see above.

I thought to myself, “Damn, if Pyramid Head was flying on a plane . . . with a six foot blade in his luggage, and he just happened to randomly crash land into a secluded underwater city filled with scuba divers from hell, which one of these badasses would win in a fight to the death? Totally plausible.” I’ve got an idea of who I think would win in a fair fight, but I want to hear what everyone else thinks. Would Pyramid Head cut his fathom-high foe in half with one slice and slowly skull-love him in each of his ten eyes, or would the Big Daddy drill a hole right through the head of the sinister skin-skirted little sister stalker.

Help me crown one of these two beasts as the best bad guy of them all, despite the fact that neither could fashionably wear the head trophy. Who would win in a fight, and why? Cast your votes, give us a reason for your decision, get some friends to give their opinions, and check back next week for the winner.

Bonus: if one of you awesome artists out there can skillfully illustrate one of the two enemies above killing the other, then I’ll be happy to post your art as next week’s picture, regardless of whether it matches the winning votes or not.

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