Game Debate to the Death!
Paper Mario 64 VS Super Mario RPG

Last week’s debate was the first of two rounds, where we argued over which of the three Paper Mario games is the best and most deserving to duel against its predecessor in round two. Obviously by this post’s name and picture above, Paper Mario 64 came out on top, but it was a come from behind victory and a close fight to the end. Here are the results:

  • Paper Mario 64 (44 votes) — Winner!
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (31 votes)
  • Super Paper Mario (8 votes)

On paper (heyo!) this looks like quite the odd fight. We have a battle between a 3D Super Nintendo game and a 2D Nintendo 64 game. It feels wrong to make the two fight, since they feel like brothers or distant cousins in the extensive Famicon family tree blood line, but we don’t call this Game Debate to the Death for nothing. Only one can survive, and it’s up to you and your merciless friends to decide.

Which game did you enjoy more, and why? Was the gameplay in one more exceptional than the other? Did you find the story more exciting with one of them? Or was it the side characters that’s the deciding factor? Give it some serious thought, cast your votes, get some Paper Mario pals to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner.

Bonus Question: When the hell will we see more of Luigi?! After Super Mario Galaxy, what do you want to see next from the original Mario series?

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