Game Debate to the Death!
Joanna Dark VS Jill Valentine

Last week we continued our best gaming heroine debate by arguing over Half-Life‘s Alyx and Beyond Good & Evil‘s Jade. Samus slaughtered Lara Croft the week before, but this week was much more close. Here were the results:

  • Alyx: 32 votes
  • Jade: 53 votes – Winner!

Yuh hear that Valve?! You might be on top of the world, but we’d rather be on top of Jade, so you better spend more time on Alyx in the future Half-Life 2 episodes.

This week’s debate is a shootout between Perfect Dark‘s Joanna Dark, and Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine. Both have a huge fan following, but both also have some serious disappointments attached to their names. So put aside Perfect Dark: Zero, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and let’s decide which female will face off against Samus and Jade in the next few weeks.

Which woman deserves to win and why? Weigh the pros and cons, cast your votes, give your reasons, and check back next week for a winner. And if you think there’s a few other females from the past worth fighting over, then make sure you keep making suggestions.

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