Game Debate to the Death!
Guitar Hero free for all

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Last week‘s debate might as well have been “Is Jack Thompson an idiot or not?” — because one of the Grand Theft Auto contenders had a flat tire right from the starting line. Here are the unnecessary photo finish results:

  • Grand Theft Auto III: 22 votes
  • G.T.A. Vice City: 80 votes — winner!

It just goes to show you should never mess with the 80s, and yet, I shall put the decade debates to the test once again. This week’s matchup is a music freebird for all between all four of the Guitar Hero games that have been released so far. Here are your choices this week, as seen in the picture above:

These four games span several decades and genres of music, so don’t be too quick to cast your vote this week. If you need a refresher of all the songs in each game, just click on each of the four links above. This is also one of the only weeks I’d actually advise voting even if you’ve played none of the games, since your opinions will probably be mostly dependent on your music tastes.

Which do you think is the best Guitar Hero game so far, and why? Give us a reason for your decision, get some band buddies to give their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner.

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