Game Debate to the Death!
Bubble Bobble VS Punch-Out!!

Last week we started off round two with a wall of one-sided votes, and as the hours went by, not much changed. While I was a huge fan of Paperboy back in the day, I’m not going to lie, it felt great to see Bubble Bobble come out swinging and bubble shooting like a champ. The only question left is how it will do in this week’s epicly odd debate battle. Here are the results from last week:

  • Bubble Bobble (71 votes) — Winner! 
  • Paperboy (9 votes)

This week we move into the NES finals with two games competing that couldn’t be more different from each other. One game only has one level and towering sized sprites, while the other has literally hundreds of levels filled with feeble foes. 

Don’t forget — the point of these odd debates is not to just vote with your gut — it forces us to be more analytical and think like a game designer. It gives us unique discussions that force everyone to think outside the box, consider all the pros and cons of each game, and compare and contrast them in a way that really makes us think about why we did or didn’t enjoy a certain game.

Which game do you think is better, and why? Give it some serious thought, get some NES friends to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the results. After a winner is decided we’ll move onto another console and another three rounds of odd retro debate matchups.

Bonus Question: Keep the Sega Genesis and SNES odd debate matchup suggestions coming!

Tom Fronczak