Game Debate to the Death!
Blizzard Battle 2006

Last week‘s game debate put the all 3 of the WarCraft RTS games against one another, and everyone decided the debate was clearly between the second and third games and their corresponding expansions and online play. Here were the results:

  • WarCraft I – 0 votes
  • WarCraft II – 13 votes – winner!
  • WarCraft III – 12 votes

So why didn’t I include StarCraft in the Blizzard boxing match? Because I was saving it for this week! My goal was to figure out which of the three WarCraft games was everyone’s favorites, but since the voting was so close, and since StarCraft has a huge fan following, this week is Warcraft I, II, and III versus StarCraft. That’s right, 3 vs 1. If you walked up to a free bargain bin and these four Blizzard games were sitting there waiting to be snatched up, which of the four would you grab first?

As always, weigh the pros and cons, pick which game you enjoyed the most, tell us why, and get some friends of yours to vote! Check back next week for the winner, and also for the next installment of the Dtoid Blizzard Battle 06.

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