Game Debate to the Death!
Best Paper Mario game? [Update]

[Update: In an effort to make this debate as confusing as possible, this is both a day late and a week old. Last week when this was first posted, it was swiftly wiped off the front page in a matter of minutes by the deluge of more important Dtoid E3 posts. As a result, it noticeably received far less votes than usual, and I have a feeling it’s not just because our readers don’t enjoy the Paper Mario series. So for the first time ever, I’ve decided to extend the voting for a debate one more week — keep on debating and discussing and check back next week for the winner and round two of this series’ debate!]

In the last debate, I took a reader request and asked everyone to choose between the Devil May Cry series and Ninja Gaiden games. Each action series adds different qualities to its genre, and I think Dtoid reader RobotFart summed it up best with “Personally I think Devil May Cry is more about style than skill, and is more forgiving. Whereas Ninja Gaiden is pretty much the exact opposite.” Judging by the votes, both gameplay setups are thoroughly enjoyed, but the winner is clear. Here are the results:

  • Ninja Gaiden series (55 votes) — Winner!
  • Devil May Cry series (46 votes)

This week I’m taking ZombiePlatypus‘s debate request, and we’re watching all three Paper Mario games compete against each other. Next week, when the triple threat dust finally settles and reveals a winner, we’ll crank things up and have the victor take on Super Mario RPG for the throne.

So which Paper Mario game is your favorite, and why? Did the story of one of them stand above the rest? Were the characters more enjoyable in one than the others? Or maybe the Wii gameplay really impressed you? Has the series gone downhill, or is it only getting better with each update? Give it some serious thought, cast your votes, get some Paper Mario pals to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner.

Bonus Question: What would you like to see the series do next?

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