Game Debate to the Death!
Animal Crossing VS Harvest Moon

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Last week‘s Damacy debate rolled in dozens of votes, and two of the katamaris were the closest competitors this competition has ever seen. We <3 Katamari took an early lead, but Katamari Damacy caught up quick. They were neck and neck for a while, and then Katamari Damacy rolled ahead by a dozen votes. As the debate dwindled down though, a wall of We <3 Katamari votes were cast to even things up. Here are the results:

  • Me & My Katamari: 2 votes
  • Beautiful Katamari: 2 votes
  • Katamari Damacy: 29 votes — Tie!
  • We <3 Katamari: 29 votes — Tie!

We’ve only had a tie one other time in the past, and it’s good to know that the Prince and King of the Cosmos are that inseparable. This week we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving by debating over two game series that revolve around food. The Harvest Moon series has been curing our digital hunger for a decade, but in recent years the Animal Crossing series has been keeping us just as busy.

Which of the two series do you enjoy more, and why? It can be a series as a whole, or just a single game from either series that you enjoyed the most out of them all. Give us a reason for your decision, get some friends to give their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner. And have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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