Game Debate to the Death!
Aladdin VS NBA Jam

Last week, we ran with a slightly modified version of the famous game debate in the movie Billy Madison, and sure enough, we had plenty of people telling each other that they sucked. While the debate was neck-and-neck at first, it didn’t take too long for a clear winner to break free and advance into the next round of this three-week Sega Genesis/SNES odd debate series. Here are the results:

  • Donkey Kong Country (56 votes) — Winner!
  • Mortal Kombat II (24 votes) — Fatality!

This week we have an even more odd matchup in store for us, as we argue over a sidescrolling platformer and an exaggerated sports game. Both games were addictively famous in their day, each with a wall of unique pros and very few cons. Don’t forget, the point of these odd debates is not to just vote hastily with your gut and state the obvious. It instead forces us to be more analytical and evaluate what we truly enjoyed or disliked about a game without realizing it at the time.

Looking back many years ago, which game do you think is better, and why? Give it some serious thought, get some SNES and Genesis friends to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner, who will compete against Donkey Kong Country in the finals.

Bonus Questions: What was your favorite level in Aladdin? Who were your favorite players in NBA Jam?

Tom Fronczak