Game Debate to the Death! You Choose!

Last week was the climactic conclusion to the four month long Mortal Kombat versus Street Fighter debate, and at last a winner has been chosen. While most people correctly predicted from day one that Street Fighter would make it to the end, the winner from last week was nowhere near as unanimous as many debaters expected to see. Here are the results:

  • Chun-Li: 34 votes
  • Ryu: 39 votes – Winner!

Congrats to Ryu and all those who voted for him each round. Chun-Li caught up in votes several times last week, but after fighting various fierce friends and foes in the past, Ryu has finally claimed the crown as this year’s best fighter.

Before I start picking new games, characters, genres and other topics for us to discuss each week, I want to get some suggestions straight from the Dtoid Army first. Got any great ideas worth a game debate? Now’s your chance! Feel free to give as many suggestions in the comments as you’d like, and make sure to comment on others’ ideas as well. I look forward to reading what you guys come up with, let’s see what you can think up!

Tom Fronczak