Game Debate to the Death! Valve VS id

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Last week was a shoot out between the two classic first person shooter series Quake and Unreal Tournament. Some argued that Quake deserved the win this week for paving the path of online play, while others thought Unreal Tournament‘s multitude of maps and gameplay made for the winning combination. It’s hard to call the debate result a landslide when the losing side still received dozens of votes, but it’s obvious that there was a clear winner this week:

  • Quake series: 35 votes
  • Unreal Tournament series: 83 votes — winner! 

This week’s game developer debate comes from the suggestion of Kartzan, who wants to see Valve and id Software face off against one another. Valve has taken the industry by storm in recent years with its successful Half-Life and Counter-Strike games, while id has been pushing profits for two decades with Commander Keen and several Doom and Quake games. Which is the better company, and why? Cast your votes, give us a reason for your decision, get some friends to give their opinions, and check back next week for the winner. Feel free to suggest other developer or publisher debates you’d like to see play out.

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