Game Debate to the Death! Handheld Metroid VS Handheld Castlevania

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Last week I asked everyone how they preferred positioning their next generation gaming consoles — horizontal or vertical? Everyone made some sex jokes and a few people even cleverly retorted with “Diagonal!” The results were pretty even though, so it made for a good debate:

  • Vertical: 39 votes
  • Horizontal: 42 votes – winner! 

This week I’m taking another great reader suggestion (from our now famous naked reader Dexter345) and making the Metroid handheld games go to battle against the Castlevania handheld games. Both game series have graced the same Nintendo handhelds, and both have received great reviews, but which is better as a whole?

The setting in the two series is dramatically different from each other, but gameplay is somewhat similar, so weigh the pros and cons, cast your votes, give a short reasoning, and check back next week for a winner.

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