Game Debate to the Death! Favorite game series ever?

Oh boy, last week I thought I was throwing a small gathering of die hard fans a bloody zombie bone, but apparently there’s almost no closet Resident Evil movie fans around these parts of the Internet. Let’s just get this over with and move onto something much more exciting. Here are the results:

  • Favorite Resident Evil movie: Resident Evil

Yep, the first R.E. movie won, and Resident Evil: Degeneration was pretty much the only other movie to get votes.

This week we’re bringing 2009 to an end by finishing our game series debate era with a bang. I want to know what your favorite game series of all time is. Is it an extremely old series, or a new one? Is it your favorite because of just one amazing game out of them all, or is it impressive overall? Will I be reading lots of Legend of Zelda or World of Warcraft votes? Perhaps Final Fantasy or Street Fighter? Maybe Super Mario? All series from all genres on all consoles/PCs/handhelds count.

What game series do you like the most out of every game series ever made, and why? What sets it apart from every other series? Give it some serious thought, share your thought process with all of us, and then get some gamer friends to join in on the fun. Hit the jump for the new bonus questions!

Next week’s debate: What’s your favorite game of 2009? It’s coming! Start thinking about your answer now, and be ready!


BQ1: What was the first game in this series you played? How old were you?

BQ2: What’s your favorite game in the series? Why?

BQ3: What’s your least favorite game in the series? Why?

BQ4: Have you played every game in the series? Have you beaten every game in the series?

BQ5: What do you want the series to do next? Why?

BQ6: Name one thing you didn’t like, or wish was improved, in the series you voted for this week.

BQ7: What’s your New Year’s gaming resolution for 2010?

Tom Fronczak