Game Debate to the Death! Alyx VS Jade

Last week Samus Aran went face-to-female-face with Lara Croft for the role of best gaming heroine ever, and Dtoiders spoke more loudly in unison than ever before. Here were the results: 

  • Lara Croft: 11 votes
  • Samus Aran: 69 votes (the irony!) – Winner!

This whirlwind of women has only just begun though, an estrogenocide is in order! Dtoid will leave no babe’s boobs untouched, literally, until only one girl remains. It’s up to you to suggest other females worthy of fighting for the role of best gaming heroine ever.

This week’s debate is between Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, and Alyx from the Half-Life series. Alyx has had a lot more exposure thanks to multiple games and  Garry’s Mod crotch shots, but Jade also has a large cult-following of her own. Which woman deserves to win and why? Weigh the pros and cons, cast your votes, give your reasons, and check back next week for a winner.

And if you think there’s a few other females from the past worth fighting over, then make sure you also make your suggestions.

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