Game Debate to the Death! 11/21/06

Last week ‘s game debate put the Wii against the PS3, and Dtoid readers made their choice:

  • Nintendo Wii: 60 votes (Winner)
  • Sony PlayStation 3: 13 votes

There’s no way I could read those Dtoid stats with a straight face — the black behemoth bravado of the PS3 just got kicked in the electrojunk. It might not be the biggest landslide win we’ve seen in past game debates, but it’s definitely one to mark in the books. I’m not sure what books exactly, I recommend doodling the outcome in random Waldenbooks novels on their last pages – maybe you could leave the PS3 vote outcome blank and give the story an unexpected cliffhanger ending

As promised, a good six months from now we’ll give the poll another try and see how and if opinions change. Then, for Christmas 2007 we’ll invite Xbox 360 to the family get together and let all three duke it out and hope we don’t get any reports of incest when the egg nog fog clears. I also asked which launch game people wanted the most and here were the predictable top outcomes:

  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess — 45 votes (winner)
  • Resistance: Fall of Man — 6 votes

It’s great to see Nintendo fans so alive again, even if it’s in enough spoonfuls to make even Mary Poppins overdose. But now that we all have a PS3 or Wii, or soon will, we all agree to just get along and move on and STFUAJPG in peace — right? Right?! For this week’s game debate we have every Roller Coaster Tycoon game ever made versus every Sim City game ever made. Consider the pros and cons of each side, list which of both series you liked the most, and then cast your vote for which series you like more. Tell your gamer friends to support their opinions too, and check back next week for the winners.

(By commenting on this post you solemnly swear to not bad talk any console for at least a week — violators will be sent to the state/country with the worst gaming legislation laws.)

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