Game break: Condolences to lives lost today

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I don’t have all the details yet, but apparently a small plane or helicopter just crashed into a New York City apartment building on the Upper East Side. I just want to send my condolences to any families who may have lost someone in today’s tragedy.I’m in my news room right now and will update as soon as I know more. Sorry for this break in gaming news, I just wanted to get the news out there for anyone not near a TV set. It’s a scary thing, especially for me and other New Yorkers, when aircrafts start slamming into buildings close by.[Update: The building is on 72nd and York. Two people confirmed dead so far and no word on if this was a terrorist attack or not. The building is called the Bel Air. FBI is not saying if it is terrorist related or not. At least one eye witness has said they saw a helicopter weaving in and out of buildings. It should be noted that this building has some very expensive condo units in it — about $1 million and up.][More Updates: Reader Nim just brought up a good point, which is f’ing scary, today is 10/11. Another eye witness told NY 1 that he saw the aircraft or chopper (still unsure) go right for the building. This is the second aircraft incident today — apparently a plane had to be grounded today due to problems. OK, FAA just confirmed it was a fixed-wing airplane. NORAD has scrambled fighter jets and of course, all air traffic in and around NYC is grounded.][Update three: CNN is saying it could be the plane of Yankee Cory Lidle. Apparently it is Lidle. There is now a report his passport was found on the scene.]

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