Gambitious: Game-based Kickstarter to launch at E3

Gambitious, an alternative to Kickstarter that will focus solely on backing games, will launch at E3 this year. Instead of dropping straight cash donations, the Dutch company’s site will allow investors to buy shares in game products. If the backed product goes to market, dividends will be paid to investors, making them shareholders. 

Announced during the Dutch Festival of Games, Gambitious will launch at E3. The platform will kick off for Europe only at that time, but should open up to the rest of the world once some legal issues are taken care of. 

This is not a bad move, especially when you consider how much money has been thrown at games these past few months. But, if you were concerned about entitlement issues through donations to projects, imagine what will happen when gamers become shareholders!

Game-specific Kickstarter alternative to launch at E3 [GamesIndustry]

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