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Gambit reputation gains increased by over 50% in Destiny 2 hotfix

A Revival, of Sorts…

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With only four maps currently in the rotation, and no major new content added since Season 6, Destiny 2’s Gambit mode has effectively been placed in maintenance mode these past few years. However, Bungie appears eager to assure players that Gambit has not been entirely forgotten.

In the recent hotfix patch, Bungie rolled out a buff to reputation gain rates, increasing gains “by over 50%”, according to the patch notes. So for those of you itching for a reason to hop back into Gambit, this is as good an opportunity as any.

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How to Make the Most of the Reputation Boost

The answer here will be a familiar one to even the newest of Destiny 2 players: Grind. Winning matches, especially several consecutive matches, nets you an increasing amount of Infamy (the mode’s XP system) over time. However, the existing streak cap of five consecutive wins remains in place. So while skill is rewarded, perfection is not. So don’t fret after having ended your victory streak after only six or seven games. Just get back out there, guardian.

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Still not enough to attract players to Gambit

Without a content roadmap for Gambit in place, beyond just basic life support, it’s unlikely that this singular change will be enough to convince players to recommit to Gambit with the same fervor they may have expressed years ago. However, should Bungie decide to resurrect Cathedral of Scars and Kell’s Grave, (the two maps previously vaulted away for later re-introduction,) or otherwise inject new life into this chaotic but enjoyable game mode, this would go a long way toward addressing growing concern that Gambit is more than a relic of the past, and that its place as an integral part of the Destiny 2 player experience remains intact.

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