Gamasutra names top 5 developers of 2007

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Oh, these top five lists. While they are relevant to the voice of each website that contributes one, sometimes I think their purpose is utterly defeated by the flame wars that follow (including Destructoid’s own lists!) Regardless, any list that gets people really thinking about what games mattered to them is a good list indeed, and Gamasutra’s does its job. Here’s the lowdown:

5. BioWare (Mass Effect)

4. Bungie (Halo 3)

3. 2K Boston/Australia (BioShock)

2. Harmonix (Rock Band/Phase)

1. Valve (Orange Box)

It’s amazing to look back on 2007 and realize that we are able to recognize this many developers for stellar efforts this year. It’s easy to assume that it just happened to be a great year, but there may be more truth to the idea that gaming is evolving into something bigger than it’s ever been — with the technology avaliable, games are able to compete on a whole new level, earning more respect than ever before. 

Bottom line, Roger Ebert (and douchebags like him) may be running out of valid points to argue that games are not art — and with 2008 just about to begin, who knows what next year could bring. I feel like we could be lucky enough to be standing at the edge of a new era.

[Thanks Jonathan!]

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