Gallian Liberation Front unites for Valkyria Chronicles 3

The Gallian Liberation Front is basically an Operation Rainfall for Sega PSP strategy RPG title Valkyria Chronicles 3. This is a group of gamers who are banding together to show our love and support for the Valkyria Chronicles series, and they’re hoping that they can make enough noise to get the third game released. 

We all know that the first game, a PS3 title, was incredible. The sequel, Valkyria Chronicles II, threw some fans off when it came out for the PSP, but it ended up being so good that I know of several that bought a PSP to play it! I played the third title at TGS last year and instantly fell in love, so I get where these guys are coming from.

I bought a Japanese copy this past January because I didn’t want to wait around for Sega to localize it. I’m glad I did because there still has been nothing in the way of confirmation for a Western release. This could very well be the best game in the series, so let’s hope Sega doesn’t mess this one up.

The Gallian Liberation Front is preparing for battle now. They’ve created a Facebook page where you can find links to their petition and other information. After I signed the petition I found that there’s now 637 signatures. We need more, people. I know Destructoid has plenty of SRPG fans in its army. Let’s help out!

Dale North