Galio’s League of Legends rework turns him into a badass

I remember playing him ages ago

When Riot Games does a rework for a character in League of Legends, they don’t screw around.

Usually they come up with some sort of lore reason for the alteration alongside of the industry standard new abilities. I remember playing Galio when he was new years ago (at this point, years and years ago!), but his anti-mage niche stopped being useful in most compositions. Riot has saved him from the dumpster, and now he’s still retaining his tankiness, but with some extra abilities.

You can get a full rundown of his rework here, and check out a preview video below. I’m sure some of you might not dig it, but I’m down with his new Devil May Cry 4/Bayonetta angel design.

Galio [League of Legends]

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