Compile Heart launches teaser website for ‘Galapagos RPG Evolve’

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The Equalizers

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Compile Heart has launched a teasing website for an upcoming project set within the universe of niche Japanese franchise Galapagos RPG. The site — which you can check out right here — teases a “Galapagos RPG Evolve,” which suggests a remaster, remake, or sequel to the cult adventure.

The new website hosts a mysterious video titled “Evolve: Mashup,” which sees the original Galapagos RPG brand logo ripped open to reveal two audio equalizers — each of which represents two different songs. The music tracks combine in a dramatic crescendo, also revealing the latter “F” on-screen. The songs separate once again as the video comes to an end.

While the “F” is likely a reference to the first title in the franchise, 2013’s Fairy Fencer F, it remains a mystery as to what the new site is specifically advertising. Regardless, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out as Compile Heart will lift the curtain on the mystery title in this week’s issue of Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu, which will hit the shelves later this week on May 19. We’ll be sure to bring you any pertinent news or details as it pertains to this peculiar comeback.

Compile Heart launches “Galapagos RPG Evolve” new title teaser website [Gematsu]

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