Galaga succesfully remixed, available on the App Store now

Namco wasn’t kidding when they said Galaga Remix would be available soon. Yesterday, Namco released the arcade shooter on the iPhone App Store for the promised price of $5.99.

Galaga Remix includes two versions of Galaga: the arcade version that stole a vast sum of coinage from my pockets, and a new remixed version. The remix version has updated backgrounds, more bosses, more power-ups, a free play mode that allows you to play the levels you’ve completed again and finally, “dual-fighter” mode.

The App Store, sadly, does not accept quarters or Chuck E. Cheese tokens as a method of payment. You’ll have to whip out the plastic if you’re down with reliving Galaga with touch controls. (Chuck E. Cheese still has tokens, right?)

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