Galactrix headed to DS same day as XBLA?

You may recall if you followed the original Puzzle Quest as closely as I did (note: fanatical obsession is a better description) that the DS version and the XBLA version came out fairly far apart — about six months. I had been playing the DS one for a while but when I saw it was available on XBLA I grabbed it and found that I far favorited the latter version (it ended up being the one I finished, in fact).

Gamerbytes spied the screenshot you see above on among’s splash pages. It’s notable because the DS version is the only one with a confirmed release date (Feb 24th). The PC, XBLA and PSN versions were “early 2009” releases last time I heard. Considering that I would prefer to play it on a home console or my PC to the DS version, this comes as great news.

Of course, if this is a total error and the only version that comes out in Febuary is the still the DS version, I’m going to buy it anyway, because I’m not going to be able to help myself.

Colette Bennett