G Gundam makes its triumphant return to Gundam Versus in January

Look, the east is burning red!

Bandai Namco today announced that the infamous show G Gundam will be joining the roster of Gundam Versus. The first two mobile suits from the show will be God/Burning Gundam and Master Gundam, piloted by protagonist Domon and antagonist Master Asia. It was also announced that some free content would arrive this month as well.

The arrival of G Gundam has been a long time coming to say the least, and even Namco’s Twitter account knows it.

Both Gundams are rather light in terms of extra content, but come with an excellent surprise. While it’s the standard striker and three titles, along with a King of Hearts emblem, they also each include two unique songs. God/Burning Gundam will come with the iconic first opening of the show “Flying in the Sky,” along with “Waga Kokoro Mei Kagami Shisui- Saredoko no Tenohira wa Rekka​no Gotoku,” the theme of its signature attack Burning Finger. Master Gundam on the other hand will come with “Trust You Forever,” the show’s second opening theme, as well as “Moeagare Toushi Ima Washiki Shukumei wo Koete.” It’s known as the theme for the iconic Shinger Finger attack, which in turn is known from this famous scene.

Now here’s where things get a little iffy. The Japanese site and social media accounts for the game say these are dropping in late January with no specific date. This could indicate that a larger content patch is in the works, much like how the release of Phantom Gundam, Nightingale, and Age-1 went. There was no date given except for late September when the initial two were revealed, and an actual date was given when Age-1 was announced along with a new stage for Gundam AGE. The international accounts however are claiming January 23 is the release date. For all intents and purposes, it is not official until Japan gives a date, as if they don’t have it on the 23rd, we certainly won’t get it on that date.

In other news, three navigators will be arriving in the game for free on December 22. The navigators are Orga Itsuka, Atra Mixta, and Fumitan Admoss. All three are from the first season of Iron-Blooded Orphans, and are very likely tied to Gundam Barbatos. Based on how a recent patch added in Relena Darlian from Wing, it’s likely the team has realized navigators are better off as freebies rather than behind a paywall.

Overall this DLC is good news. While it does suck that these two are behind a paywall, it’s a good sign that other missing characters and series, such as X and SEED Destiny, are possibly coming down the road, and could possibly mean more stages as well if G Gundam gets one. The addition of more navigators, for free no less, is always a nice addition too. Now if only they’d patch in Dianna Soreil as a navigator…

Mike Sounders