Future PS3 firmware update to add Facebook support

In the most recent official PlayStation blog post, SCEA teased future additions that build on what Microsoft plans to unleash upon its Xbox LIVE masses tomorrow.

The next big PS3 firmware update — v3.10 — is adding Facebook support to the service’s list of free features, allowing users to connect their respective profiles and stream Trophy and PS Store information to their Facebook accounts.

If that wasn’t enough, the update is to also provide hooks to developers so they can offer their own special updates to a connected user’s Facebook News Feed.

Facebook — as planned — is coming to LIVE tomorrow via an app within the New Xbox Experience dashboard. It will allow players to look at pictures, update their feeds and otherwise do their Facebook thing. It won’t, however, allow players to stream game information to their accounts like this planned PS3 firmware update.

At least, not yet it won’t.

There is more stuff coming with the latest PSN update, including much-needed Friends List tweaks. Make sure to hit the PlayStation blog if you’re down with this kind of stuff, or watch the embedded video below for a video teaser of the update.

Brad BradNicholson